My Life With Pain

Posted by iKan2

I have lived a tough life
Full of indescribable pain
And immense suffering
Some physical
Some emotional
Some I only brought on myself

Even still
I’ve been to the highest mountaintops
I’ve touched the bottom of the sea
I’ve shared my love as generously
as I’ve humanly been possible
Some times it was enough
other times it fell horribly short
I’ve destroyed hearts
I’ve resurrected them from certain death

I’m a sinner
I’m a saint
I’m a fallen angel
trapped forever
in this decaying soul

I’ve seen pain
Essence crushing pain
where all you want
is for it to stop
Just to catch your breath
if only for a moment
I’ll see more pain
I’m sure of it
May God grant me peace

I chose to endure the pain
but I will not suffer
I chose to live every moment
waiting for the pain to subside
Then celebrating when it has passed
Raising a toast to the sky
I praise the Lord
For blessing me
With one more try

One more day to proclaim God’s love
Let us marvel in His creation
singing praise for another chance
to revel in the Infinite


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